Interesting Facts about the Top Ten Evening Dresses

In this list of top ten evening dresses, you will find out more about the different styles to choose from when you shop for the best formal wear for a night party or gathering. However, make sure you choose the right style that fits you before you purchase one for that very important occasion. The following are only a few of the numerou styles of evening dresses that are popular options among most women.

1. A-Line Evening Dress

This style of formal wear is perfect for all body types whether you are on the heavy side or not. In fact, you will appreciate this type of dress because it can conceal a few problem areas you may have such as your hips and legs. This is the best option if you want to keep it simple, yet appear dazzling.

2. Trumpet

You can flaunt your lovely curves by wearing a trumpet-style gown for that evening party. Basically, the dress features a long, mermaid-style gown that is quite tight on the upper part, and has a flowing length below your hip bone.

3. Empire Dress

If you are fond of vintage dresses, then an empire gown is an excellent style for you. It is reminiscent of the gowns that princesses wear, so it exudes a regal and sophisticated look. Moreover, this dress will fit perfectly women who are on the heavy side and have wider hips.

4. Sheath

Show off your slim figure by donning a sheath gown for a formal event. The fabric of this dress fits snugly on your skin, and you can choose a wide range of styles such as one-shoulder neckline or off-shoulder.

5. Mermaid Dress

This style is also referred to as “fishtail gowns” because of the flaring bottom portion. Although the dress is truly enchanting and flattering, it is not suitable for all body types. Since it is a body-hugging dress, skinny ladies will not have any problem showing off their bodies in this gown. On the other hand, those who are a little on the heavy side may want to wear something that is more appropriate and complementing for their figure.

6. Princess

Evening dresses such as the princess style feature single pieces or gores, which are put together in a flowing line from the shoulders to a flaring hemline. This type of gown is an outstanding choice if you are attending a wedding.

7. Dropped Waist

As the name implies, the gown features a skirt that seems to “drop” from the waist. The bottom portion of the dress may also come with a fitted or flared style, depending on your preference.

8. Cheongsam

This popular chinese-style gown is a classic choice for any formal event. It features a high-standing collar that covers much of the neck area, and the length is up to the mid-calf region. Furthermore, this type of evening wear flatters women who have a slim or athletic figure.

9. Basque Waist

Also called the “V-waist” gown, the dress comes with low silhouettes, as well as a long V or U hems that will make anyone appear taller than they are.

10. Hankie Hem

This lovely gown has an appearance of a scarf with a length that is up to the ankles or knees. Additionally, the dress usually has halter neckline, and it is perfect for all body shapes and sizes.

These are some of the best designs and styles of evening dresses. Make it a point to choose the perfect gown that will flatter your body shape and overall appearance.

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