Fashion in Bollywood

Fashion in BollywoodIndian women are known for their striking beauty and mysterious ways. Their magnificent nature is awesome and has led to many westerners wanting to be like them. Bollywood news sources claim that their glamour has been coveted widely and is being imitated in every part of the world. Their make up routines, skin care regimens and fashion statements are unique and attention grabbing. It is quite easy to notice Indian fashion since it only belongs to them. Indian women are known to be sensual and exotic. Their fashion sense which has been passed down through generations is simple yet sexy and it needs as little effort as possible.

Most westerners work so hard with putting up a look but with Bollywood design beauty is effortless. Their beauty is effortless, decent yet exposing at the same time. It is very feminine and is characterized by bright colors and flowing materials such as satin, chiffon and silk. The sari is known as the main fashion statement in India with an origin that is deeply rooted in their culture. It has enormously made headlines on foreign runways in the recent past. Western designers are celebrating this garment vastly and incorporating western elements into it to appeal to a wider market.

Famous celebrities have also made statements on red carpet events for major events in Indian attire and it has led to more recognition and acceptance. They are suitable for official events like dinner, wedding ceremonies and galas. They are very elegant yet simple and traditional. More aspects of Asian ornaments, accessories and fashion are being adopted and owned by known models, actresses and singers. They are compatible with all seasons and kinds of events and they also serve all age groups well. In Asian cultures any age group can make use of a certain trend from kids, teenagers to elders.

The fashion culture was always so uptight and specific but with time they have not only contributed to the foreign markets but they have also borrowed a leaf. Runways in Bollywood are filled with leather pieces, couture, metallic gowns and ornaments all fused to blend both cultures and backgrounds. The effect brought on by tradition and trends is just too cool. It is comfortable and attractive. It is not uncommon to see black and gold saris and mini saris gracing events. The Bollywood bug has bit Hollywood so hard and it is there to stay.

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