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Top Ten Hairstyles For Women

Different hairstyles come and go each year, and most women wish to update their look by keeping up with the trends. However, you may want to stick to classic styles that are easy to manage and will never get old on you. These top ten hairstyles are among the best options for people who want to stay chic and fabulous – no matter what the season.

1. Sleek Bob

This classic hairstyle features a chin-length haircut that is parted off the center, and it is popularized by a number of celebrities including Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. It is also easy to don a bob with a casual look by adding texture to the hair using gel or mousse.

2. Parted Off Center

Another fashionable hairstyle that is popular among Hollywood personalities such as Gwyneth Paltrow is the off-center part. You can add volume to the hair by applying mousse or texture spray. Moreover, the bangs are kept in short lengths, and are tucked behind the ears loosely.

3. Sleek and Layered

No matter what your face shape is, this hairstyle will look perfect on you. It features facial-framing bangs and softly-layered body. You may straighten the body of your hair with a round brush or curling iron for a sexy appeal.

4. Wavy hair

For women with long hair, a slightly curly or wavy hairstyle will look fabulous for any occasion. Simply part your hair in the middles, and add volume or texture by curling the ends.

5. Short Crop

Another excellent hairstyle is the short crop, where the sides of your hair are left just above the ears and the back part trimmed a few inches longer than the rest. You can make this hairstyle appear sleek by applying gel.

6. Short layers

If you have chin-length hair, this style is perfect for you. Cut your hair into jagged layers, and make sure the shortest part reaches just below your eyebrows. Then, add volume to the back part of your hair for that stylish look.

7. Retro Curls

This hairstyle features long and side-swept bangs that fall close to your eyes. Add some style to the body of your hair with loose, unstructured curls or retro waves for that 60’s vibe.

8. Textured Bun

A great alternative to a smooth and classic bun is a textured bun. This hairstyle shows off your neck and keeps your hair pulled away for the sleek and sophisticated appearance. Just gather the hair loosely at the back of your head and keep it secured with elastics. Then, tease the loose portion of your hair for extra body, and pin it into place.

9. Long and Choppy Layers

This is a fascinating fall hairstyle that can give your hair a lovely shaggy appearance. You can also style your hair with large, loose and bouncy soft curls. Moreover, the layered cut gives you a hassle-free and comfortable hairstyle.

10. Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is great for women with straight and fine hair. The bangs are cut in a variety of lengths, while the rest of the hair are trimmed in a choppy style. Pixie cut does not add much weight on your hair, so it remains full and thick.

With these amazing hairstyles, it is effortless to look fabulous and trendy regardless of your age. Update your look and go for these timeless hairstyles that will flatter your facial features.