Brother Embroidery Machine – Features And Functions

Sewing PatternsBrother is one of the most reputable manufacturers of sewing machines and not only. Simply put, the Brother Industries is an Asian electronics manufacturer that established the sewing division of the company back in 2010, and named it the Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmBH. As expected, the sewing division of the company turned out to be very profitable and this has made Brother Industries one of the biggest companies in the world.

The Brother embroidery machine manufacturer plant is located in the city of Zhuhai China, and the manufacturing area that makes computerised embroidery and sewing machines is located in Taiwan. Lately, Brother Industries has opened yet another sewing machine factory in Vietnam, one of the biggest ones in the world. That being said, here you will find a deeper insight into some of the most notable features and functions of some of the most sought-after Brother embroidery machines at the moment:

Most of the Brother embroidery machines come with a generous 7 inch LCD display screen that allows you to create designs and adjust the settings of the machine quickly and without the hassles. You can also combine different designs into one unique and outstanding pattern, you can view and review them and even edit them thanks to the generously back lit LCD display before you move on to the stitching part. This is by far one of the most important features of these machines.

Another notable benefit of the Brother machines is the fact that these machines come with built in embroidery designs and different lettering fonts to choose from. If you do not feel inspired enough to come up with your own design, then you can always pick one of the available embroidery designs. Some of the machines have as much as 136 designs, therefore you will surely not get bored: you can opt from florals and a plethora of different quilt patterns, along with tens of different border styles and frame shapes that will certainly compliment your overall design.

The built-in memory of the Brother sewing machines is designed to help you memorize all of your designs that you plan to use later on. The machines provide you with unlimited design options – your imagination is the only limit! At the same time, some of the most advanced and computerised embroidery machines also allow you to import a variety of designs from your USB memory stick via the USB port, thanks to the embedded card slot. If you have any custom edited designs that truly appealed to you and you want to use them again in the future, then the built-in memory of these advanced embroidery machines will undoubtedly help you do just that.

Last, but not least, these machines also come with an extensive and feature-rich design editing tool that allows you to customize all of your design the best way you can. You can rotate them, increase or decrease their size, reshape them and bring all the necessary modifications, and then review your work of art on the easy view and back lit LCD display screen before you move on to the stitching part. The Brother embroidery machines offer you full control over your patterns!

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